Know Your Sake Series: Hakkaisan

Know your Sake is our new 3-part series surrounding the delightful sake that we feature on our beverage menu, launching just in time for Canada’s largest annual sake tasting event, Kampai!

Over the next week, we will be taking an in-depth look at the amazing Japanese sake breweries who we will be collaborating with during our Sake Pairing Series events. These breweries include Hakkaisan from Niigata, Fukumitsuya from Kanazawa, and Tengumai from Ishikawa.


We are excited to kick off the series with an introduction to Hakkaisan Brewery!

Brewery Origin and History

Founded in 1922 in Niigata, Japan, Hakkaisan brewery is named after the breathtaking Hakkaisan Mountain range landscape, which they face. Fun fact: Hakkai means 8 peaks! While the brewery traditionally focuses on sake they have recently ventured into making shochu and craft beer as well!

Key Features of Hakkaisan Sake

Hakkaisan’s sake is stylistically light and dry, and incredibly clean.

What Makes their Sake Taste So Good?

Water from the mountain range, as well as Niigata’s famed rice combine together to create this amazing sake.

Hakkaisan at Miku

At Miku, we carry Hakkaisan’s Sparkling Nigori – a fun, unique sake that is slightly cloudy and textured (hence ‘nigori’) and also effervescent! It finishes a little dry.

Why our Sake Specialist Loves it:

“Hakkaisan is a fantastic representation of the light, clean sake that come from this region of Japan” –Miki Ellis, Sake Specialist

What to expect from them during their Sake Pairing Series event

Miku x Hakkaisan’s upcoming Okome Sake Dinner is going to be an exclusive dinner with a specialized menu featuring many signature sake from Hakkaisan — even some surprises! It is a great way to get to know Niigata (one of the biggest sake producing regions in Japan) and the Hakkaisan line-up! During the evening, Mayumi san from the brewery will be present to answer any questions and comments about Hakkaisan.


Miku x Hakkaisan’s Okome Sake Dinner will be held on Wednesday, May 31.

Check out the full menu here. For details on the event and our Sake Pairing Series, click here. Spaces are filling up fast, RSVP today by emailing