Know Your Sake Series: Fukumitsuya


The second installment in our three-part series on all things sake, this time we are introducing Fukumitsuya brewery! Fukumitsuya, alongside Tengumai, will be joining us for our upcoming Sake Kasu Canapés.

Brewery origin and history

Fukumitsuya was founded back during the Edo period, in 1625. The brewery is based in Kanazawa, sometimes called “little Kyoto” for its rich culture and fine craftmanship (kimonos, ceramics, etc.).

Key features of Fukumitsuya Sake

Fukumitsuya is a Junmai-only kura – meaning that the brewery that only makes “pure rice” style sake (no addition of brewers alcohol in any of their products)!
On top of their rich history, the brewery has also preserved their long standing traditions — even today they continue to employ traditional methods in sake making in order to create the richest taste reminiscent of the Edo period.

What Makes Their Sake Taste so Good?

Fukumitsuya’s sake uses a water source they call “Hyakunensui” from Mt. Hakusan. This water source “spends at least 100 years slowly filtering through deep underground. It then reaches the well of [the] brewery, blessed with minerals that are necessary for fermentation.”

Fukumitsuya at Miku

At Miku, we carry Fukumitsuya’s Kagatobi Gokkan – a solid junmai sake that has fragrant fruit notes without being overpowering.

Why our Sake Specialist Loves It:

“Sake from Fukumitsuya is always reliable – they make sake with backbone, something you can really get into. The Kagatobi gokkan is so versatile, it can go with all dishes, from fried foods or sashimi” -Miki Ellis, Sake Specialist

What to expect from Fukumitsuya during their Sake Pairing Series event

Sake kasu is a secret yet potent power in Japanese cooking. It is the “mash” that remains after a sake is pressed, and fantastic for marinades, pickling, dressings, and even desserts. Our upcoming Sake Kasu Canapés event will feature cuisine that incorporates sake kasu in each bite. Paired with the sake from Fukumitsuya and Tengumai – both hailing from Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan – this instalment of our Sake Pairing Series will be a fun way to get to learn about the sake. Sake specialists Mariko Tajiri and Miki Ellis, as well as Nakamura san from Fukumitsyua will also be there!
Tengumai | Fukumitsuya Sake Canapés at Miku will be held on Friday, June 2nd.

For details on the event and our Sake Pairing Series, click here. Spaces are filling up fast, RSVP today by emailing