Know Your Sake: Tengumai


This marks the last installment in our three-part Know Your Sake series! Today we are introducing Tengumai brewery. Tengumai, alongside Fukumitsuya, will be joining us for our upcoming Sake Kasu Canapés on Friday, June 2nd.

Brewery origin and history

Founded in 1823, Tengumai’s brewery, Shata Shuzo, is 7 generations old. Like Fukumitsuya, the brewery is located in Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan. The brewery was once surrounded by forests, where Tengu -a creature from Japanese folklore- resided. With the belief that even the guardian of the mountains would dance after drinking their sake, the family named their sake brand Tengumai. Ever since then, the Shata family has continued to make their amazing sake in this beautiful countryside.

Key features of Tengimai Sake

Tengumai produces powerful, umami-rich sake that pairs phenomenally well with food.

What Makes Their Sake Taste so Good?

Tengumai prides themselves on hand craftsmanship and tradition when making their sake. By employing the “Yamahai-jikomi” method (not common in most sake-making) during the fermentation process, they create Tengumai’s signature rich taste with nice acidity and full umami-flavour.

Tengumai at Miku

At Miku, we carry two Tengumai sake: Tengumai Umajun and Tengumai Yamahai.

Tengumai Umajun: The name alone speaks to what’s in the bottle. Uma – for umami, and Jun – for junmai. This sake is an umami-bomb of flavour!

Tengumai Yamahai: A very funky saky with wild, gamey tones and nice acidity

Why our Sake Specialist Loves It:

“Tengumai’s richer, umami-friendly sake makes them interesting to drink, and opens up unlimited new pairing possibilities” -Miki Ellis, Sake Specialist

What to expect from Fukumitsuya during their Sake Pairing Series event

Our Sake Kasu Canapé event is going to be a unique opportunity to taste sake from two very different breweries from the same region. Folks from both Tengumai and Fukumitsya breweries will also be there to guide you through the sake, alongside sake experts Mariko Tajiri and Miki Ellis. Paired with canapé items that have incorporated sake kasu (a secret weapon in Japanese cooking known as the “lees” or left over mash from sake making) into their recipe, this event will be a an informal yet intimate way to get to know the sake of Tengumai and Fukumitsuya!


Tengumai | Fukumitsuya Sake Canapés at Miku will be held on Friday, June 2nd.

For details on the event and our Sake Pairing Series, click here. Spaces are filling up fast, RSVP today by emailing