Aburi Brand

What does Aburi mean?

Literally translated, Aburi means “flame seared”, but as a company philosophy this word encompasses so much more. When flame is applied to sushi, the heat changes the sushi’s flavour to create something new and exciting. With the same thought in mind, we take traditional Japanese ingredients and techniques and combine them with local ingredients and palates for a truly innovative culinary experience. Our vision is to introduce this fresh and addictive style of Aburi cuisine to the world.

What is Aburi Sushi?

Traditional sushi is crafted by combining raw seafood with shari (seasoned rice). Sushi is considered an art form in Japan, where aspiring sushi chefs must train three years to even be allowed to prepare the shari, and many more years before they have a hand in preparing the seafood. Sushi stresses the balance of flavour and texture, as well as its beauty in presentation.

Aburi sushi is the innovation of flame searing the seafood in order to create new textures while enhancing its natural flavours. At Miku, we have taken Aburi to the next level by adding our own signature twist to this innovative style of cuisine.

How is our Aburi Sushi made?

We start with a base of our perfectly seasoned shari and combine it with the freshest seafood. We then add a touch of our signature European-influenced sauces, carefully selected to pair with each type of fish. Finally, we lightly sear the sushi with binchotan (Japanese bamboo charcoal). The flame caramelizes the sauce, releasing a smoky aroma and bringing out the finest flavours of each piece of sushi. This balance of flavour and texture makes our Aburi sushi an insatiable culinary experience that you cannot miss.

What makes our Aburi Sushi different?

We are proud to be the pioneers of Aburi sushi in Canada! Our signature Miku sauce is a secret recipe created in-house, and few key people know of its ingredients. Our sushi chefs understand that the key to perfecting Aburi sushi is in balancing each component’s texture and coordinating their flavours so that both come together to create the perfect bite. From the flavour and texture of the shari, to the precise degree of caramelization, all the way to the delicate finish of a thin slice of jalapeno, we pay close attention to the details of our cuisine so that our guests have a consistent Aburi experience every time.

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