Miku Toronto x Aburi at Home Sauces

Miku Signature Sauces Now Available for Take-out and Delivery

We are delighted to offer you two signature sauces from the team of Miku Toronto.

Our chefs have crafted these new grocery offerings to complement your at-home dining experience, with versatile flavour profiles designed to add our signature Aburi quality to your every day. Don’t forget to mention us (@aburiathome) on social media when sharing your recipes and #AburiatHome moments!

House Sweet Soy: our chef-crafted and coveted sweet soy sauce is finally available for take-out. Elevate your at-home cooking or sashimi experience with an aromatic and delightfully sweetened soy sauce.

Spicy Sesame Ponzu: Renowned Head Sushi Chef of Miku Toronto, Junnosuke Fujikawa, blends authentic Japanese flavour with a western kick to create Aburi’s signature Spicy Sesame Ponzu sauce.  Find hints of fresh lime juice, vinegar, fish flakes, and soy with a kick of chilli and fragrant toasted sesame seeds. Designed for versatility, from marinating to dipping, try today with dishes like poke or tuna tartare.

Available in 4 oz and 12 oz.