Kaiseki (Feature Course Menu)

Traditional kaiseki ryōri embodies a region’s food culture and features unique pottery produced in the area as vessels to hold the specialty cuisine. Inspired by this tradition, our chefs have created three special menus featuring our signature Aburi style cuisine, served on beautiful Arita plate ware sourced from the artisan town of Arita in Kyushu, Japan.

The first course, the Kaiseki Zensai, is beautifully presented in Arita plate ware and features seasonal tastes of several different dishes. This showcases a collaboration of multiple stations in our kitchen. Miku’s Kaiseki Zensai is meant to wow guests and ignite their palates for what is to come. From appetizer to dessert, intricate attention is paid to seasonality and presentation as well as flavour and texture. We put our signature Aburi twist on each course to create something entirely new, yet reminiscent of the tradition of Kaiseki and its feeling of celebration.

Available during dinner only.

Shokai 85
four courses, zensai, entrée, signature sushi, and dessert

Miku 98
five courses, chef’s tasting menu

Aburi (requires 72 hours notice) 150
a unique kaiseki experience produced by our chefs, exploring fusion
flavours and Aburi cuisine beyond Miku’s signature items

*Please allow at least 2 hours for dining. Due to the specialized nature, personalization and timing of the menu, we ask that all persons in the party participate in Aburi Kaiseki and one must be ordered per person. Our Kaiseki coursed menus are served until 9pm daily.

To book Aburi Kaiseki, please make a reservation prior to filling out the Aburi Kaiseki Form. Follow the instructions on the form to complete your request.