Sakura Features at Miku

In Japan, the season of cherry blossom (sakura) is celebrated by gathering friends and family together and having a meal or drink underneath the blossoming trees. To honour this tradition, we have created our special sakura feature menu, complete with sakura themed beverages and coursed menu.

Don’t miss this limited-time spring features, available April 23 – May 6 during dinner only.

View the full Sakura Features Menu here. Check out our photo preview below.

Spring Cobbler Cocktail

this spring cocktail features fruity Lillet Blanc, citrus bergamot liqueur, grapefruit, and nutty Amaretto

light and refreshing, our Spring Cobbler is finished with a beautiful shiso flower garnish

Sakura Aburi Prime Set Menu

the Kaiseki Trio course of our Sakura Aburi Prime Set Menu features a selection of three seasonal items, served in our unique Arita-yaki globe

our buttery Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish is paired with truffled parsnip purée, baby market vegetables, and finished with sakura soy foam

our Kaiseki Trio (left) with Aburi Beef Carpaccio, Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish, and Fresh Sashimi; our Amuse course (right) showcasing our Pan Seared Foie Gras with shallot shiso crumble

the main course of this Set Menu is our Sakura Aburi Prime: our chef’s selection of Aburi omakase sushi, featuring Madai Kobujima, Zuke Maguro, Japanese Saba, Anago, Snow Crab, Maguro, Japanese Uni, Trout, and A5 Japanese Wagyu

last but not least, our dessert course: Sakura Panna Cotta with a delicate sakura gelée and elderflower meringue

this beautiful seasonal confection is served with our house made mint ice cream and finished with sakura petal garnish


Valentine’s Day Kaiseki at Miku Toronto

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. From Feb 13th – 14th, join us in celebrating the amorous season with our Valentine’s Day Kaiseki.

Enjoy five decadent courses, including our indulgent seasonal Zensai plate, hearty Sea and Land entrées, famous flame seared Aburi Sushi, and Valentine’s Day-exclusive dessert. Pair this exquisite dining experience with our feature champagne, the Laurent-Perrier Rosé.

View a preview of our Valentine’s Day Kaiseki below, and see the full Kaiseki menu here.

The early bird gets the worm, so book now for best availability.

Our Kaiseki Zensai course features a selection of seasonal items served in our unique Arita-yaki plateware, including our Daily Sashimi, Kabayaki Soy Glazed Octopus, and Beef Carpaccio with Shaved Foie Gras Torchon

The Sea Entrée: Our Kyoto Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish and Pan Seared Scallop

Our buttery sablefish is paired with truffled parsnip purée, fennel, and kaiso and sea asparagus

Pair your exquisite dining experience with our feature champagne, the Laurent-Perrier Rosé

Winterlicious 2018 Sneak Preview

We are thrilled to be participating in Winterlicious again this year!

To celebrate the 2018 season of this city-wide foodie event, our chefs have curated a special 3-course prix fixe menus for both lunch and dinner. Join us between January 26th – February 8th to enjoy our delicious Winterlicious offerings.

View the full menus here. The early bird gets the worm, so book now for best availability.

Check out some sneak preview photos of our special Winterlicious items below:


Miku Zen

a selection of four seasonal items and miso soup, featuring our Aburi Albacore Tuna, Crunchy Ebi Fritter, Juicy Alberta Beef Shortrib, and light Tofu Salad

Miku Kaisen Chirashi

fresh salmon and maguro sashimi, prawn, sweet tamago, shiitake mushroom, and delicious kale goma-ae nestled on a bed of sushi rice

Miku Garden Sushi Plate

our delicious vegetarian sushi selection, including our refreshing Garden Roll and popular vegetable nigiri


Kyoto Saikyo Miso Baked Sablefish and Butter Poached Lobster Tail

tender miso baked sablefish and buttery lobster tail served with winter market vegetables, tomato relish, and an umami-packed tomato garlic ponzu

Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin and Pan Seared Foie Gras

our smoky bacon wrapped beef tenderloin accompanied with confit parisienne potatos, sweet madeira mirin reduction, and a savoury hatcho miso glaze

Kabocha Patty and Wild Mushroom Ragout

perfect for vegetarian guests, served with an umami konbu dashi, sherry glazed tomatoes, and black quinoa


our unique take on the traditional tiramisu, crafted with creamy tofu mascarpone cream, mandarin orange compote, and finished with a crunchy sesame cookie

Pink Grapefruit Yuzu Sorbet

refreshing and light, served with earl grey tea gelée, sake espuma, almond meringue, and finished with mint olive oil

New Year’s Eve 2017 Sneak Preview

We’re excited to share with you a preview of our upcoming New Year’s Eve set menu!

Available only on December 31st, this decadent 6-course dining experience features our exquisite amuse bouche, fresh seafood trio, mouthwatering land and sea entrées, signature Aburi sushi, and New Year’s Eve exclusive dessert.

View our delicious sneak peek photos below. Spaces are filling up fast, book now for best availability.

Amuse Course: Monaka Sando

Zensai Course: Aburi Lobster Tail, Feature Sashimi, Fresh Oyster with hokkaido uni

Land Course: Beef Tenderloin Wellington with Porcini Shoyu Demi-Glace

Aburi Sushi Course: Premium Omakase Plate

Miku 2nd Anniversary Preview









Thank you for everyone’s support ever since our opening back in October of 2015. We’re celebrating 2 great years on Toronto’s Harbourfront!

To celebrate this special occasion, our chefs have created an exquisite 5 course anniversary tasting menu. This dining experience will feature creative new dishes inspired by the fall season, as well as our signature Aburi sushi.


Served in our handmade Arita porcelain box, this impressive multi layered course features our Sashimi, Dashi Braised Kabu, fresh Oyster, Kakuni Braised Short Rib, and Chilled Seafood Nanban.


This surf course features our Pan Seared Sea Bass with Lobster Tempura, paired with herb roasted cherry tomatoes, wasabi parsley coulis, and an aromatic saffron daidai cream.


This land course serves our Smoked Soy Roasted Quail, roasted with a fragrant shichimi spice rub and is presented with boudin blanc and foie gras, creamy roasted kabocha purée, and pickled mustard seeds.


The highlight of the evening, our signature Aburi Sushi course will feature our chef’s selection of both traditional and Aburi style oshi, roll, and nigiri sushi. The Aburi sushi is lightly flame seared and paired with our signature sauces.

Available for a limited time from October 10th to 16th only.

Click here to view the full menu. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media for the latest news.


Miku Toronto x Beau’s Brewing: Chef’s BBQ

Join us in celebrating the end of summer with our Chef’s BBQ! Taking place on our renovated patio and featuring our specialty BBQ skewers, famous Aburi Sushi, and craft beer from Beau’s Brewing, you won’t want to miss this exclusive event.

When: Saturday, September 16th 2:00PM-4:30PM
Where: Miku Toronto Patio – #105 10 Bay Street @ Queen’s Quay
How to Book: Please complete this registration form and submit it via email to or onsite at the restaurant
Price: $50 per person + tax and gratuity
Contact: email- | 647.347.7347
Limited availability, so secure your spot today.

Thursday Night Socials are Back!

Cooler summer evenings are back, and so is our Thursday Night Social!

Starting on July 27th, Join us every Thursday from 5:30pm – 9:00pm through August on our patio and enjoy our famous Aburi sushi, refreshing cocktails, and music from our feature DJ.

Seating on our patio is first come, first serve, so make sure to arrive early to grab a sweet spot with your family and friends.

What awaits you is good food, good company, good music, and great times!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Miku is at Taste of Toronto 2017

We are excited to be participating in Toronto’s biggest food festival again this year! From June 15 – 18, visit our Taste of Toronto booth to enjoy our world famous flame-seared Aburi Oshi Sushi, refreshing Kaisen Poke, decadent Green Tea Opera with Matcha Macaron, and ‘the dish’: our deluxe Aburi Prime sushi selection.

Check out a sneak peek of our mouthwatering menu items below:

Refreshing Kaisen Poke

World famous Aburi Oshi Sushi

Decadent Green Tea Opera with Matcha Macaron

“The Dish”: Our deluxe Aburi Prime Sushi Selection

Also, don’t miss our Metro Master Class happening on Sunday at 4:15 PM, where Head Sushi Chef Kazuki Uchigoshi and Chef de Cuisine Michael Acero will be guiding the class on how to make sushi!


See you at Taste of Toronto!


For more information on the Taste of Toronto, click here. To learn more about the Metro Master Class, click here.

Can’t make it to Taste of Toronto this year? Visit us at our restaurant for the full Miku experience. Book now for best availability.


Know Your Sake: Tengumai


This marks the last installment in our three-part Know Your Sake series! Today we are introducing Tengumai brewery. Tengumai, alongside Fukumitsuya, will be joining us for our upcoming Sake Kasu Canapés on Friday, June 2nd.

Brewery origin and history

Founded in 1823, Tengumai’s brewery, Shata Shuzo, is 7 generations old. Like Fukumitsuya, the brewery is located in Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan. The brewery was once surrounded by forests, where Tengu -a creature from Japanese folklore- resided. With the belief that even the guardian of the mountains would dance after drinking their sake, the family named their sake brand Tengumai. Ever since then, the Shata family has continued to make their amazing sake in this beautiful countryside.

Key features of Tengimai Sake

Tengumai produces powerful, umami-rich sake that pairs phenomenally well with food.

What Makes Their Sake Taste so Good?

Tengumai prides themselves on hand craftsmanship and tradition when making their sake. By employing the “Yamahai-jikomi” method (not common in most sake-making) during the fermentation process, they create Tengumai’s signature rich taste with nice acidity and full umami-flavour.

Tengumai at Miku

At Miku, we carry two Tengumai sake: Tengumai Umajun and Tengumai Yamahai.

Tengumai Umajun: The name alone speaks to what’s in the bottle. Uma – for umami, and Jun – for junmai. This sake is an umami-bomb of flavour!

Tengumai Yamahai: A very funky saky with wild, gamey tones and nice acidity

Why our Sake Specialist Loves It:

“Tengumai’s richer, umami-friendly sake makes them interesting to drink, and opens up unlimited new pairing possibilities” -Miki Ellis, Sake Specialist

What to expect from Fukumitsuya during their Sake Pairing Series event

Our Sake Kasu Canapé event is going to be a unique opportunity to taste sake from two very different breweries from the same region. Folks from both Tengumai and Fukumitsya breweries will also be there to guide you through the sake, alongside sake experts Mariko Tajiri and Miki Ellis. Paired with canapé items that have incorporated sake kasu (a secret weapon in Japanese cooking known as the “lees” or left over mash from sake making) into their recipe, this event will be a an informal yet intimate way to get to know the sake of Tengumai and Fukumitsuya!


Tengumai | Fukumitsuya Sake Canapés at Miku will be held on Friday, June 2nd.

For details on the event and our Sake Pairing Series, click here. Spaces are filling up fast, RSVP today by emailing

Know Your Sake Series: Fukumitsuya


The second installment in our three-part series on all things sake, this time we are introducing Fukumitsuya brewery! Fukumitsuya, alongside Tengumai, will be joining us for our upcoming Sake Kasu Canapés.

Brewery origin and history

Fukumitsuya was founded back during the Edo period, in 1625. The brewery is based in Kanazawa, sometimes called “little Kyoto” for its rich culture and fine craftmanship (kimonos, ceramics, etc.).

Key features of Fukumitsuya Sake

Fukumitsuya is a Junmai-only kura – meaning that the brewery that only makes “pure rice” style sake (no addition of brewers alcohol in any of their products)!
On top of their rich history, the brewery has also preserved their long standing traditions — even today they continue to employ traditional methods in sake making in order to create the richest taste reminiscent of the Edo period.

What Makes Their Sake Taste so Good?

Fukumitsuya’s sake uses a water source they call “Hyakunensui” from Mt. Hakusan. This water source “spends at least 100 years slowly filtering through deep underground. It then reaches the well of [the] brewery, blessed with minerals that are necessary for fermentation.”

Fukumitsuya at Miku

At Miku, we carry Fukumitsuya’s Kagatobi Gokkan – a solid junmai sake that has fragrant fruit notes without being overpowering.

Why our Sake Specialist Loves It:

“Sake from Fukumitsuya is always reliable – they make sake with backbone, something you can really get into. The Kagatobi gokkan is so versatile, it can go with all dishes, from fried foods or sashimi” -Miki Ellis, Sake Specialist

What to expect from Fukumitsuya during their Sake Pairing Series event

Sake kasu is a secret yet potent power in Japanese cooking. It is the “mash” that remains after a sake is pressed, and fantastic for marinades, pickling, dressings, and even desserts. Our upcoming Sake Kasu Canapés event will feature cuisine that incorporates sake kasu in each bite. Paired with the sake from Fukumitsuya and Tengumai – both hailing from Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan – this instalment of our Sake Pairing Series will be a fun way to get to learn about the sake. Sake specialists Mariko Tajiri and Miki Ellis, as well as Nakamura san from Fukumitsyua will also be there!
Tengumai | Fukumitsuya Sake Canapés at Miku will be held on Friday, June 2nd.

For details on the event and our Sake Pairing Series, click here. Spaces are filling up fast, RSVP today by emailing